Saturday, June 10, 2006

JSF Presentation: Seam leads the JSF pack

On June 8, 2006, I gave the presentation about JSF to the St. Louis Java User Group. I got a good reiview from one of the attendees, and in general, I think everyone enjoyed the presentation. I agreed to do the presentation without knowing anything about the topic, but I read a book, looked at the buzz, and worked through two tutorial code examples myself to get comfortable: JSF.ppt presentation file

My opinion, Seam from Gavin King and JBoss has some really good ideas. And the crowd at the JUG seemed to agree. We had a few JSF users in the group that were using MyFaces - they were really impressed with it vs. Struts 1.x. The biggest lessons learned are that the surrounding technologies for JSF are still taking shape, but they are a feasible alternative to Struts. When you combine Facelets, Tomahawk, and Myfaces you get a powerful MVC replacement for Struts. And if you have Java5 and EJB3, Seam will take JSF right down those last miles of the n-tier architecture with suprisingly little effort.
The next project I start will be using Seam. The JSF and EJB3 technologies are the skills that I need for the future of Java Server development.

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